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Creative Kids Learning Center has sites in Ellensburg and Moses Lake, WA. In Ellensburg we accept children ages 1 year old and can follow their educational journey with them up to age 10.  In Moses Lake we accept children ages 1-6 years old. 


Our goal is to provide a complete nurturing environment for the growth and development of each individual child: socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Our approach to learning is based on the proven concept that children learn through hands-on discovery with a variety of materials. This interaction allows children to learn social skills, test their own abilities, develop confidence, expand on current knowledge and try new ideas.



Creative Kids Learning Center is dedicated to helping kids learn and develop in fun ways. Incorporating creativity with education, we foster a love of learning in the children we work with, creating a strong foundation for lifelong learning.


Give us a call:

 Ellensburg: (509) 962-2552

 Moses Lake: (509) 707-0196

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